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Little Friends Noelle                            - Sold -            

Date of Birth: 24. December 2006 

Birth Height: 19 1/4 - 19 1/2" at 4 days

Foal Coat Color:  Very Dark Brown or black/brown

Sire:  HR Black Magic

         32" Black/no stripe

Dam: Annie's Acres Miriam

          32 1/4" - dark Brown

While others would probably not announce the birth of this special little girl we think she deserves a birth announcement just like all of our babies. Everybody knows that not all babies are born perfect and what went wrong here - we don't know. Little Noelle was a complete surprise since we didn't count with her until the end of January. Apparently Miriam came back into heat but was actually pregnant already. We had just given Miriam her "baby shot" the day before little Noelle was born (that we give about 30 days prior to foaling. Little Noelle did not get here without problems. While her birth must have been normal, we found the still wet little girl with her tongue hanging out to one side. Miriam had sense enough to deliver her first baby in the shelter but we still had freezing temperatures that night.  Noelle didn't have much control over her tongue and couldn't keep it in her mouth - which of course made nursing a chore. She figured out how to wrap her tongue around one teat to get some milk but each nursing would take very long and she wore her patient moma out on that one side. Noelle was not able to nurse on the other side and we had to keep mom milked down so she wouldn't be so sore and feed some of it to Noelle to keep her satisfied. She expanded so much energy just to keep her tummy filled that she was exhausted every time that she finally had enough. We didn't see any attempts of her wanting to play for the first 4 days and she had to wear a little blanket to keep in her body heat (the first time we ever had to use a blanket on a baby). She didn't want to use the heat lamp that we had out for her. The nursing problems are probably caused by one of the worst overbites that we have seen, yet. At 4 days of age she finally was able to keep her tongue in her mouth most of the time and figured out how to nurse on the other side as well. She is now 9 days old and we are guardedly optimistic but know that she is not out of the woods, yet. She has been grinding her teeth a lot which normally suggests ulcers but the vet said that she shouldn't have those without being on medication and on a normal diet. Today she seemed to grind her teeth a little less.

While this little girl is never going to be a brood jennet (if she makes it) she is still very special - a christmas baby that has a very sweet personality and is of beautiful color. We are hoping so much for this little girl to grow into a healthy adult. Miriam is such an attentive moma. Her baby takes one step and Miriam stops whatever she is doing and goes to check on her baby. I think Miriam would go crazy if something happened to little Noelle and we would miss her terribly - afterall we spent more time in the stall over Christmas than anywhere else.

first two pictures at 3 days  - last three pictures at 12 days




Little Friends Sombrero                             - Sold -           

Date of Birth: 25. September 2006 

Birth Height: 20 1/4"

Foal Coat Color:  spotted

Sire:  Little Friends Lakota's Phantom

         32 1/4" Frosted Spotted White

Dam: Little Friends Ranch Red Ruby

          31" - Red

I have been waiting for this baby so long since Ruby is one of my favorite girls. She didn't disappoint us and had a beautiful spotted, small jack. He is our last baby for the season and arrived 2 weeks early. What a cute one he is! He almost looks like our little girl Cabreeze but is not related to her. He has a rainbow of colors in his pedigree including lots and lots of red! With his background he might even be able to produce the illusive red spots. Ruby is a wonderful first time mom that is doing a great job of protecting her baby. 

Pictures to left at just a few hours of age


Little Friends Sage

Date of Birth: 23. September 2006 

Birth Height: 19 1/2"

Foal Coat Color:  red w. small forehead star

Sire:  Ass-Pirin Acres Jolly Roger

         30 3/4" Light Red

Dam: Wind Song's Pumpkin

          32 3/4" - Light Red

This little guy arrived during a night of some really bad storms. Luckily I didn't know until after the storms otherwise I would have been worried sick. I was already worried about all the other donkeys since there were tornados just 6 miles from us.  Pumpkin did great for a first time mom - and had him inside the shelter and kept him there until we were able to get to her after the storms. It was a warm night and the little one was almost dry by the time we found him. Pumpkin is a great first time mom and little Sage has been friendly from the get-go. His red is the same red as when the sun shines on dry sage grass in the winter - hence his name. We were going to first give him a "bad weather" name but the same tornados caused several deaths in Missouri and quiet a bit of damage here as well. His personality is super sweet and not "stormy" at all. 

We are sad to report that we lost little Sage at just 7 days of age. Necropsy report shows that he died of entenitis something that we could not have prevented. We miss him a lot - he had been so loving and loveable in his few short days that he was with us! 

Pictures at 1 day of age.






Little Friends Celina                                    - Sold -

Date of Birth: 14. September 2006 - 1:30 AM

Birth Height: 21 1/2" at 2 days

Foal Coat Color:  Frosted Spotted White

Sire:  Little Friends Lakota's Phantom

         32 1/4" Frosted Spotted White

Dam: B-7 Mali

          32" - gray-dun

This little girl arrived just 10 days early and is an adorable frosted spotted white (meaning that she will loose her spots as she gets older and will look like her sire Lakota). At just a few hours old she is already kicking up her heels and enjoys just being there. While her mom Mali usually rather not get attention - except at feeding time - she always seems to be relieved when I'm there when she gives birth. Mali as usual is a wonderful mom.

Pictures at 1 day



Little Friends Nila                              - Sold -

Date of Birth: 24. August 2006 

Birth Height: 21 3/4"

Foal Coat Color:  Brown

Sire:  KMA Montana The Sundance Kid

         33" Black & White spotted

Dam: Schrater's Odyssey

          33 1/4" - dark brown

This little girl as expected arrived 2 1/2 weeks early as have the other summer foals. She is nursing well but sleeps a lot - typical for foals that are born early. She is Sundance's last foal for the year and Odyssey's second little girl and our 4th little girl born on our farm this year. (out of 16 foals). Since she is such a tired baby I have been letting her rest. There will be plenty of time to get to know this little one. Out of two beautiful parents she should be a winner.







Little Friends Kyacera                            - Sold - 

Date of Birth: 07. August 2006 

Birth Height: 22 1/2"

Foal Coat Color:  Very Dark Brown or black with stripe

Sire:  KMA Montana The Sundance Kid

         33" Black & White spotted

Dam: S&M's Dottie

          33 1/2" - brown/gray-dun/white spotted

Another little Early Bird arrived this morning (20 days early). We think the heat must have something to do with the foals arriving so early. Dottie went from no bag to enormous bag within this past 3 weeks so she has plenty for her baby to grow on. This little one is heavy boned with a beautiful head and eyes, and very dark color. She has been a friendly baby from the minute I laid eyes on her. With her dark color we have to make sure that she won't be out in the sun in this heat for now. This is Sundance's first solid colored foal born on our farm this year. And this one is even out of a spotted jenny. We are very happy with our third little girl this year (out of 15 foals).

Pictures at 4 days

 - Sold -








Little Friends Nacho Supreme

Date of Birth: 31. July 2006 

Birth Height: 18"

Foal Coat Color:  red

Sire:  Ass-Pirin Acres Jolly Roger

         30 3/4" Light Red

Dam: MJB Hot Pink

          32 1/4" - Light Red

What a difference a week can make! This little boy was an early arrival. (2 1/2 weeks early). He really worried me  since he was soooo tiny and there is just not much baby there. I was afraid to even weigh him. I am usually amazed how a baby had fit into a belly after it is born but with this one - two of his size could have easily fit. He is the smallest foal born on our farm and he fit right under his mother's belly. While he has been out in the corral a few times during the cooler parts of the day - at 11 days he is allowed for the first time to get out  with a second jenny and her 4 day old foal. Nacho is so proud looking now that we call him "little Jolly" - he reminds us so much of his sire.

Not for sale - we have decided to keep him for now.

Pictures at 11 days of age. (at one week he has finally put some meat on his ribs and seems to be quiet proud of himself). Pictures below at 2 months.



Little Friends Caribbean Breeze  (Cabreeze)      - Sold -

Date of Birth: 06. July 2006 - 8:50 AM

Birth Height: 21 1/2" at 2 days

Foal Coat Color:  tri-color spot

Sire:  KMA Montana The Sundance Kid

         33" Black & White spotted

Dam: Gardner's Skwentna A.

          31 1/2" - gray-dun

We couldn't be happier with this little girl! First of all it is just our second girl this year after many boys. We had 7 healthy boys, 2 boys were lost at birth and one jenny aborted a little jack at 9 months for unknown reasons - all emotionally draining incidents.  It seemed like Skwentna waited until about feeding time this morning to go into labor. I helped her out a bit and we were rewarded with this beautiful, lively, little girl. She didn't waste any time to find the milk bottle and is an active baby. A couple of months ago I had worried that Skwentna may give her baby a hard time getting to her milk. She would not let me touch her belly or get anywhere close to her teats even though she had always been a very sweet jenny in any other way. I made it a point to touch her every day to show her that there is nothing to be scared of and it paid off. Skwentna is a wonderful first time mom! She did not move away a single time when the baby looked for milk. It is so rewarding to see all the love Skwentna has for her little girl. We are thrilled to have a healthy, beautiful girl. 

- Sold -  


Little Friends Joe  (named by new owner)                                          - Sold -

Date of Birth: 22. May 2006 - 11:17 PM

Birth Height: 21"

Foal Coat Color:  gray/white spotted

Sire:  KMA Montana The Sundance Kid

         33" Black & White spotted

Dam: C&W Sweet Thing

          32 1/2" - Dark Brown

Finally, finally, finally did this little guy arrive! We have been waiting forever with Sweet Thing bagging up and down for a couple of months and fooling us into believing she was going to foal already over two weeks ago! Joe is a sweet little boy that was very well worth to wait for!

   - Sold -






Little Friends Buggs                           - Sold -

Date of Birth: 04. May 2006 

Birth Height: 20 1/2""

Foal Coat Color:  gray/white spotted (has since changed color to brown/white spotted)

Sire:  KMA Montana The Sundance Kid

         33" Black & White spotted

Dam: A.A. Bluberry

          31 1/2" - Dark Brown - NLP

Bluberry gave birth to this adorable little boy! I had visitors come over to take pictures of their newly acquired little jenny. Bluberry greeted them - they stayed about 30 minutes. When they left Bluberry was gone - the other girls followed to the gate as they left. Bluberry had went into labor that fast! Another adorable little jack that found his milk bottle quickly! Bluberry is a great first time mom!

  - Sold -






Little Friends April                              - Sold -

Date of Birth: 01. April 2006 - 4:40 AM

Birth Height: 23"

Foal Coat Color:  gray-dun

Sire:  HR Black Magic

         32" Black/no stripe

Dam: Little Friends Savona

          31 1/2" - gray-dun

Our first little girl for the year has arrived early this morning. After loosing a foal during a difficult birth earlier this week I had been very worried about Savona's pending birth.   I had been checking on Savona all night and I figured she'd wait until daytime to have her baby. It was just starting to get light outside when April arrived. She had initial problems finding the milk bottle and tried to lick the walls for 2 hours. She was a very active newborn with a strong suck reflex and after some colostrum from the syringe and literally pointing her to where she needed to be looking she made up for the 2 hours she had been missing. Savona being an experienced mom did just wonderful trying to accommodate her baby and even stretched out for us to milk her. She knew her baby was in trouble and did everything she knew to try to point her little girl into the right direction - even placing herself between her baby and the wall - hiking her back leg to expose the milk bar.

 - Sold -








Little Friends Sunny Spots                        - Sold -

Date of Birth: 26. March 2006 

Birth Height: "

Foal Coat Color:  brown/gray/white spotted

Sire:  KMA Montana The Sundance Kid

         33" Black & White spotted

Dam: Delta Tina Turner

          31 1/2" - Light Brown

And another little boy announcement! And what a cutie he is! Sundance came through with spots even though Tina has no spots in her known background. Tina is a beautiful small jennet and is being a good moma to her little boy. All these little boys will have the time of their lives playing with each other.  I missed his birth and when I saw him for the first time it was sunny outside. Since it has been a while since we have had our last spotted baby - he got a fitting name.

- Sold -

Pictures at 1 day - first without flash - others taken with flash




Little Friends Togo                                    - Sold -

Date of Birth: 18. March 2006 

Birth Height: 23"

Foal Coat Color:  dark brown

Sire:  HR Black Magic

         32" Black/no stripe

Dam: Spring Haven Breezer

          32 1/2" - Dark Brown

And yet another cute little boy! Togo was born in the evening as expected out of Baluga. She always waits to have her babies until it's night time. He has plenty of eye appeal with a beautiful head. He does have Baluga's reddish tint - especially in his face. Baluga is our son's donkey so he got to name this little guy!

- Sold -

Pictures at 2 days







Little Friends Fernando                       - Sold -

Date of Birth: 16. March 2006 

Birth Height: 21"

Foal Coat Color:  dark brown

Sire:  HR Black Magic

         32" Black/no stripe

Dam: Gardner's Coconino

          31" - Dark Brown

Our third little jack this year! Coconino has had her first baby and it fits to her nicely. Fernando looks just like her with beautiful eyes and he is very dark! He even has the same shoulder stripe as moma. He is a small baby with a short back and a very sweet personality. I just want to scoop him up every time I see him. Coconino is a wonderful first time mom taking good care of her baby! We are so proud of her!

 - Sold -

Top two Pictures at less than 2 hours - others at 20 hours



Little Friends Stormy                        - Sold -            

Date of Birth: 10. March 2006 

Birth Height: 24" at 4 days

Foal Coat Color:  light gray-dun

Sire:  Little Friends Lakota's Phantom

         32 1/4" Fully Frosted Spotted White

Dam: Shady Acres Tinkerbell

          34 1/2" - Gray-Dun

Tinkerbell gave us this perfect big boy. He arrived 6 days early but was born with a full set of teeth! He was born during a bad spring thunderstorm and is Tinkerbell's 5th's little jack born on our farm. He will make a wonderful companion and will have the size for a nice cart donkey!

 - Sold -

Pictures at less than 4 hours







Little Friends Bee Magic                      - Sold -

Date of Birth: 29. January 2006 - 9:40 PM 

Birth Height: " 22  1/2 - 22 3/4" at 1 week

Foal Coat Color:  dark brown

Sire:  HR Black Magic

         32" Black/no stripe

Dam: Cottonwood Bumblebee

          34 1/4" - Dark Brown

Our first 2006 baby has arrived! Bumblebee had a quick birth - at 9:10 PM she had no signs of labor. She was very quiet and sleepy. 30 Minutes later her cute little jack was here! He found his milk bottle quickly and pretty much nursed from both sides from the very beginning. Bumblee is a super mom and stretched out and picked up her back leg to make it easier for her little one to latch on. He is a very active baby and got his beautiful head from both parents. Bumblebee better get some rest before he gets too wound up!

 - Sold -

Pictures at 10 hours


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