2007 Foals

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We have had many foals in 2007 out of all three of our herd sires. We should have one more jenny to foal this year for sure (Sundance Baby) around Thanksgiving - Christmas.  We are thrilled with the quality of this year's babies in virtually all colors. We are so proud to be able to offer most of our sweet babies this year! If you would like to be placed on our birth announcement list for 2008 please send us an e-mail to: donkeys@littlefriendsranch.com or littlefriend@dishmail.net and we'll be happy to add you to our birth announcement list.

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Little Friends Trick or Treat                       - Sold -

Date of Birth: 31. October 2007 - between 6:30 - 9:00 PM

Birth Height: 21 3/4" at 1 day

Foal Coat Color: Spotted

Sire:  KMA Montana The Sundance Kid

         33" Black & White Spotted

Dam: C & L Sweet Thing

          32 1/2" - Dark Brown

While we took our kids Trick or Treating Sweet Thing decided to have her baby. With her last foal Sweet Thing was bagged up for a couple of months before she finally decided to have her baby driving us crazy! This time she tricked us into thinking that she was still ways off since she had just begun to make a bag a few days earlier and I checked her at 6:00 PM before we left for town. When we came home from town we found this little treat already up and nursing. It didn't take a minute for us to decide on his name: "Trick or Treat"! This little boy is solid with lots of color. He looks to be a light brown/white spotted. He  is active and and all around sweet little guy!

He is the last foal for the year!!!

Pictures taken at about 12 hours of age.         


Little Friends El Paso                              - Sold -

Date of Birth: 18. October 2007

Birth Height: 21 1/4" at 1 day

Foal Coat Color: Black - no cross/stripe visible at this point

Sire:  KMA Montana The Sundance Kid

         33" Black & White Spotted

Dam: Little Friends Brownie's Girl

          32 3/4" - Dark Brown

Brownie had her little boy all by herself in the middle of the day and I missed the birth! I came home from running errands when I noticed that Brownie was not with her buddy. As I drove by slowly I could see a little dark baby in the shed with Brownie! He was already dry and had nursed at that point. He is a cute little guy out of two beautiful parents!

Pictures taken at 5 days of age.




Little Friends Nutmeg                            - Sold -

Date of Birth: 03. October 2007 - 7:00 AM

Birth Height: 20" at 1 day

Foal Coat Color:  ?????- will let the registry decide on this one - looks to be a dark sorrel or russet.

Sire:  Ass-Pirin Acres Jolly Roger

         30 3/4" Light Red

Dam: Little Friends Mocha's Girl

         32 1/2" - Dark Brown

I am sooo glad I didn't miss this birth! All went pretty much after the textbook except that Mocha's contractions seemed to be especially strong. She seemed to be on fast track. Her water broke, bubble, front feet, nose... Front feet were moving... all seemed fine. A couple contractions later still just the nose, so I thought I'd better help her so she wouldn't wear herself out too much - and for a split second I thought that hopefully with those contractions she wouldn't shed her placenta prematurely. I was just going to help her past the head since that seems to be the hardest part of the baby to pass. With the next contraction I pulled the baby past her head and saw the placenta come out with it. I knew she was in trouble and pulled her out completely still with the same contraction. The placenta came out with her. The baby wasn't moving anymore.  I shook it's nose repeatedly to get some of the water out of her lungs and massaged her sides and held her almost upside down for a moment, to better drain her lungs.  Finally after what seemed like an eternity to me she gasped and came to life! All of this from beginning to end happened in less than 10 minutes. I was so worried about this little one... but was amazed that her suck reflex wasn't gone. She really had no trouble finding the milk and was nursing on both sides within an hour after birth. I am so thankful that I was there for the delivery! Had I waited an additional contraction I think it would have been too late for the baby! Realizing that really scared me! Mocha is a wonderful first time mom and probably would have been heart broken if she had lost her baby!

I can't tell yet, what color the baby is. I may have to wait until she gets to go outside to be able to see better. She has a lot of red in her, had some characteristics of a red newborn but not all. Really weird.... Her true color may not be visible until she sheds her baby fur. For now she has an all white belly, a white throatlatch, brown cross and ears (not the usual much darker trim), brownish/red eye lashes but not as red as on my red donkeys, silvery muzzle consistent with red or roan. Her fur underneath has a darker tone. I guess she could  be a red brown but her legs are not much darker than her body. Only time will tell...

She is Jolly's last baby for the year! He did great and had 7 jennies and one little jack!

Pictures at 1 day of age - taken with a flash


Little Friends Kalahari                              - Sold -

Date of Birth: 21. September 2007 

Birth Height: 22 1/2" at 1 day

Foal Coat Color:  Masked spotted - blaze face

Sire:  KMA Montana The Sundance Kid

         33" Black & White Spotted

Dam: Little Friends Ranch Reba

         33 1/2" - Gray & White Spotted

Reba surprised us with this beautiful little girl! She is solid and correct as all of her babies are. As all of Sundance's babies she popped out friendly and loving! She has a blaze face with a small little white spot on her right hip. 

Pictures at 7 days of age.





Little Friends Chimayo                               - Sold -

Date of Birth: 19. September 2007 - approx. 7:00 AM 

Birth Height: 21 1/4" at one day

Foal Coat Color: Dark Gray Dun - NLP

Sire:  Little Friends Lakota's Phantom

         32 1/4" Frosted Spotted White

Dam: Little Friends Powder Puff

          34" - Gray-Dun w. star

Lakota's first foal of the year was a little jack and his last foal of the year is now a little jack, also. In between were only girls (4 girls)! The birth was uneventful but Powder Puff didn't have much milk to start the baby out on. The little bag she had she had made within 2 days! She had been on grass hay that had fescue in it and we didn't think that she was anywhere close to having a baby. She was one we thought could have a possible winter baby. We just pulled her off the pasture and put her into the dry lot the night before she foaled! The little one needed some colostrum replacer and Powder Puff got some Equidone to jump start the milk production. She has enough milk now to feed her baby which is a relief!

This little guy is adorable with his dark nose and already enjoys his hugs!

Top picture at just a few hours of age - others at 9 days of age.





Little Friends Tariq                                      - Sold -

Date of Birth: 17. September 2007

Birth Height: 20 3/4" at 1 day

Foal Coat Color: Very Dark Spotted

Sire:  KMA Montana The Sundance Kid

         33" Black & White Spotted

Dam: Gardner's Coconino

          31" - Brown

Coconino was nice to us and had her baby at 9:30 PM without assistance. The birth was uneventful and we were surprised with this simply adorable little jack! He is very dark spotted and is downy soft! I just want to hug on him all day! Coconino as usual is a wonderful mom!

Pictures taken at 1 week of age


Coco trying to make sure her baby stays right with her - he has different ideas...


Little Friends Milky Way                           - Sold -

Date of Birth: 14. September 2007 - 9:45 PM

Birth Height: 23 - 23 1/4" at 4 days

Foal Coat Color: Spotted

Sire:  G & D's Little Artic Man

         31 1/2" Gray & White Spotted

Dam: Merry-Go-Round Baroness

          34" - Red

Nessie gave birth to this handsome boy right before it got really cold that night. We allowed her to stay outside and checked on her frequently. The birth was uneventful but then the little guy had trouble finding the milk bar. Baroness's teats were huge and he could only get a hold of them at the very ends. We watched for a while and thought he was getting some milk at least. When I checked two hours later because her teats were still full I realized that her milk ducts were completely blocked! We dipped them in very warm water and the milk began to flow and Milky Way was finally able to get a satisfying meal. Poor little guy - it must have felt terrible to suck and suck and not get a drop of milk. We had to repeat the procedure on her other side since he only nursed on the side that gave him his first meal. He was a little bit on the shy side his first couple of days but now gets a little bit more inquisitive. We haven't had a shy baby for a very long time. He will not stand a chance to remain that way though and will be loving our attention quickly! We used to have a jack whose babies were all shy at birth and only warmed up to us after a few days - Milky Way reminded me very much of those babies.

Milky Way has one special ear - it is interestingly marked being a vertically two-toned brown/white. His other ear is colored completely. I have included a picture of his ear (bottom left)

Nessie is a great mom and is quiet protective of her baby which is the reason why I have not measured him until he was several days old. She watched me like a hawk when I got close to her little bundle of joy and made sure I wasn't touching him too much! That may also be the reason why Milky Way was a bit shy.

Top pictures at 5 days of age - bottom picture and napping picture at 2 days of age.

Milky Way napping...



Little Friends Desert Rose                             - Sold -

Date of Birth: 11. September 2007 - 5:00 PM

Birth Height: 20 1/2" at 1 day

Foal Coat Color:  light red roan w. small forehead star

Sire:  Ass-Pirin Acres Jolly Roger

         30 3/4" Light Red

Dam: Little Friends Frosted Beauty

         33" - Brown Roan w. star

This little one arrived two weeks early as well. We found her right after she was born. She had no problems finding her milk bottle and all is well. She is a cute little red head with a small white star and with lots of roaning in her face. She is all girl and has been friendly from the minute we found her. She looks like a little "Jolly" to us with her proud look! Jolly and Frosted B. did a great job with this little girl!

Pictures at 1 week - except for bottom right (2 days) of age



Little Friends Piña Colada                        - Sold -

Date of Birth: 07. September 2007 - approx: 5:30 AM

Birth Height: 20 3/4"

Foal Coat Color:  Frosted Spotted White

Sire:  Little Friends Lakota's Phantom

         32 1/4" Frosted Spotted White

Dam: Spring Haven Breezer (Baluga)

          32 1/2" - dark brown


As if Lucky Charm's challenge wasn't enough..... Baluga had her little girl right on time even though we already thought that she would deliver August 23rd when she was dripping white milk for over 24 hours! Her bag then drew back up and it would never drip again. I checked her last night and though she had a tight bag her teats were not filled at all - I did not expect a baby! She had been like that for over a week! She delivered her baby without assistance as usual and the little one seems to be doing ok.

The minute I laid eyes on this baby I just knew that it was going to be another "keeper" challenge with my son. It has not been resolved, yet... It is not difficult to fall in love with Pina Colada - she is adorable and her personality is one of a kind as can be seen in the bottom picture! She would rather be with us than her mom - mom is just ok for the meals.

Pictures at 3 days of age










Little Friends Miss Egypt                         - Sold -       

Date of Birth: 06. September 2007 - 3:50 PM

Birth Height: 20" at 1 day

Foal Coat Color:  Red/Brown w. red highlights

Sire:  Ass-Pirin Acres Jolly Roger

         30 3/4" Light Red

Dam: Little Friends Lucky Charm

         33" - Gray-Dun

September 6th we got the first "rain" since July 23rd! Weather changes often bring on unexpected babies. This little girl was one of them - born at least 2-3 weeks early! Lucky Charm delivered the baby without assistance but then the belly cord wouldn't break on its own. After she had time to bond with her baby outside we took both inside since another rain was to come up (which never came). The baby got up after we cut and treated the belly cord and started looking for her milk bottle. We watched on until the baby was two hours old and decided to step in. She would only try to nurse on both sides where the milk bag is connected to mom's belly. It was so frustrating to watch and attempt to teach her to look 2 inches below those points. We milked mom several times and fed the colostrum to the baby to keep her going and knowing that she needed to have it before she turned 6 hours old. She finally was able to nurse just a little at 6 hours with our assistance! We forced her to kneel down with her front legs so that she couldn't reach up higher than the nipple and FINALLY after a few times of trying it that way it clicked!!! She didn't fight us anymore when we kneeled her down from then on. A couple of hours after that she was finally able to nurse without kneeling down and on her own. Of course I checked on her throughout the night to make sure she could nurse without assistance!

She is a beautifully colored baby and she reminds me so much of Kalimera when she was a newborn! She has a beautiful, small head that she has inherited from both parents. My daughter thinks that her beautiful big dark eyes just look very Arabic. Therefore she picked her name: "Miss Egypt".  On top of that she is friendly and sweet - I figured that she wouldn't like us anymore after this ordeal - but maybe she realized we were just trying to help her! She is fine this morning and we are soooo thankful for that!!!

We are also so proud of Lucky Charm! For a first time mom that is normally not overly friendly she was soooo patient and let her baby try to find the milk without moving. She let me milk her without objections over and over and was very accepting of us handling her baby! Without her patient cooperation it would have been so much harder on us and the baby!

Top Picture at 16 hours of age - bottom pictures at 6 days of age



Little Friends Exotic Flavor                       - Sold -

Date of Birth: 24. August 2007 

Birth Height: " 20 1/4" at 2 days of age

Foal Coat Color:  Brown/White Spotted

Sire:  KMA Montana The Sundance Kid

         33" Black & White Spotted

Dam: Delta Tina Turner

          31 1/2" - light brown

Tina gave birth to her little girl right on time and waited for the nighttime hours to do so. Daytime temps have been over the 100 degree mark. We left Tina outside to foal and checked on her several times throughout the night. We found the brand new little girl at our 3:00 AM check. She is our first spotted baby born with one white ear and one dark ear which looks really cute! Somebody must have forgotten to paint that other ear!  Both mom and baby are now resting under the fan in their stall. I guess after 4 boys in a row we have three girls in a row now.

Top two pictures at 3 weeks of age - bottom picture at 1 day of age



Little Friends Habibi                               - Sold -

Date of Birth: 02. August 2007 

Birth Height: 20 1/4" at 1 day of age

Foal Coat Color:  dark brown

Sire:  Little Friends Lakota's Phantom

         32 1/4" Frosted Spotted White

Dam: Little Friends Bacardi

          32 3/4" - dark brown

Habibi arrived as a total surprise since mom was bred again October 23. We didn't even have Bacardi in the dry-lot yet, since we did not expect a baby. We had just turned her in to the pasture with Sundance two weeks prior and she had absolutely no bag at all. Sundance is always very accepting of new jennets that are already pregnant so we didn't think twice about it. My son rode his 6-wheeler into the pasture on August 2nd  and found the brand new baby. I carried her up to the barn right away since the 100 degree temperatures made the baby very hot. When I got her to the barn and into a clean stall I noticed that she had a bad swelling with broken skin on her side and she was very sore and was dragging her back leg. I first thought that Bacardi may have tried to paw her to make her get up but upon further examination we realized that it was a bite from another donkey. Of course we are suspecting Sundance but it could have been another jennet, as well. Sundance has never hurt a foal before but he is not given the chance much either. This little girl has been such a sweetheart that we named her Habibi (arabic for Sweetheart). 

Habibi developed a hematoma after a few days that had to be opened and drained. Now her wounds are closed up again and the swelling is finally subsiding. She is still in treatment but a full recovery is expected. She loves to play now and she reminds me of a little Bronco. She plants her front feet in the ground and bucks in circles. She is still in a stall because of her injuries and because of the unrelenting heat. We even bought a window unit air conditioner just to keep her comfortable! 

Habibi is a small and correct little girl!

Bottom picture at 13 days of age - top three at 3 weeks



Little Friends Nirvana                                    - Sold -

Date of Birth: 02. August 2007 

Birth Height: 21 1/4" at 1 day of age

Foal Coat Color:  gray/white Spotted

Sire:  KMA Montana The Sundance Kid

         33" Black & White Spotted

Dam: Eisenbacher's Toy Joy

          33" - gray-dun

Finally, finally, finally did this little girl arrive! Joy had been in the dry lot since March since we had her only breeding date for May! May, June and July came and went but the long wait is finally over and we got to welcome a beautiful, spotted little girl! Of course Joy had to pick the hottest day of the summer to have her baby but at least waited for the nighttime hours. Both mom and baby are resting under the fan now.

Nirvana and Habibi were born on the same day!

Pictures at 1 day of age


Little Friends Desert Sand (large standard/mammoth baby)

 - Sold -

Date of Birth: 21. July 2007

Birth Height: 34"

Foal Coat Color: light red

Sire:  to be added

Dam: Chiquita

          Dark Red/Roan or Bay/Brown Roan

This little "big" boy came as an almost complete surprise to us since we purchased Chiquita (my riding donkey) not knowingly bred early September of 2006.  Just three days ago I noticed that Chiquita was indeed pregnant when I saw her udder. I had thought previously that she really was putting on a hay belly but pregnancy never crossed my mind. I brought her home from our other place to keep a closer eye on her and after not even two days she delivered this handsome big boy. All is well and we really have to get used to this baby being the size of our bigger miniature adult jennies. As all babies he is adorable. It is so much fun to watch him try to use his long legs in sequence.

Pictures taken at just a few hours of age - he was still half way wet.



Little Friends Black Gold                          - Sold -

Date of Birth: 15. July 2007

Birth Height: 21 1/4" at 1 day

Foal Coat Color: Black - no stripe visible at this time

Sire:  KMA Montana The Sundance Kid

         33" Black & White Spotted

Dam: Cottonwood Bumblebee

          34 1/4" - Dark Brown (Black - w. stripe)

Bumblebee delivered a beautiful little jack that looks like a little carbon copy of herself. He was active the moment he popped out and was more interested in my daughter than in his mom. Since Bumblebee is my daughter's jenny she made sure that mom and baby were fine and taken care of after the birth. Bumblebee as usual is a wonderful mom!

Top pictures at 3 days of age - others at 6 days of age


Little Friends Cilantro                             - Sold -     

Date of Birth: 29. June 2007 

Birth Height: 22" at 1 day

Foal Coat Color: gray-dun

Sire:  KMA Montana The Sundance Kid

         33" Black & White Spotted

Dam: Shady Acres Tinker Bell

          34 1/2" - Gray-Dun

Tinker Bell usually has her foals a few days early but this little guy arrived at least 2 weeks early. My husband came home from work and wondered who "let the the baby out into the expectant moma paddock". He realized quickly that it was a new baby! He is doing well and is as adorable just like all of her other little jack foals that she has had for us. He has been friendly from the beginning and Tinker Bell is an experienced, easy-going mom!

Pictures at 2 days of age! - Bottom Picture and below at 3 weeks of age

Cilantro and Domingo meet


Little Friends Clover Bud                              - Sold -

Date of Birth: 14. June 2007 

Birth Height: 21 1/2 at 1 day

Foal Coat Color: spotted

Sire:  KMA Montana The Sundance Kid

         33" Black & White Spotted

Dam: Lewis Mills Moonbeam

          31 1/2" - Dark Brown/White Spotted

Moonbeam finally had her baby. We were watching her closely since we didn't know her exact breeding date. This is her first baby and she managed to deliver him all by herself.

He has a beautiful spotting pattern on both sides and is an active little guy. It has been so hot that he stayed in the barn under a fan for the first 6 days. He will be offered for sale with the option to purchase his mom as well.

Pictures to the left taken at 4 days of age






Little Friends Neetahlah

Date of Birth: 06. May 2007 - about 7:00 PM

Birth Height: 21 1/4" at 1 day of age

Foal Coat Color:  Dark brown/dark gray tones

Sire:  KMA Montana The Sundance Kid

         33" Black & White Spotted

Dam: Heiken's Ark Tammy

          31 3/4" - dark brown

Tammy has had her first little girl right down to her due date! I knew she was getting close and had a stall ready for her to watch her on the monitor for the night. Right before 7:00 PM after I fed all the others (Tammy was till outside) I noticed that she was going into labor. She layed down to roll a couple of times but never stayed down for more than a few seconds. She then just stood and squatted a few times. A short time later we started seeing the bubble which got bigger with each squat - then a hoof, a second one and the nose of the baby. At that time we realized that Tammy was not going to lay down - she just walked around like a nervous chicken with part of the baby already out. My daughter and I ended up having to hold her in place while my husband was in the back supporting the baby. When the baby was half way out it didn't seem to come out any further - it was stuck a little. Several contractions later my husband finally managed to get the baby out. We waited for a while to not tear the belly cord prematurely. After a few minutes Tammy turned around to smell of whatever came out of her and bonded with her baby instantly.  Only after it was all finished wanted Tammy to lay down - she shed her afterbirth laying down while her baby was up already. We gave them some more bonding time until right before dark when we put both of them into their stall. The baby found her milk bottle shortly after that and all is well. We are so glad we were there for the birth. This birth could have easily had a sad ending.

The little one has a beautiful head with her mom's expression and is all girl! She is friendly and is cute as a button. She is dark (almost black in her face with some dark gray tones in her coat).  Tammy is a very good mom to her first bundle of joy!

Pictures at 2 days of age


Little Friends Magic Potion                     - Sold -     

Date of Birth: 29. April 2007 -between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM

Birth Height: 20 1/2 - 20 3/4" at 1 day

Foal Coat Color: black, NLP, no cross or stripe

Sire:  HR Black Magic

         32" Black/no stripe

Dam: West Prairie Little Bit

          30" - Dark Brown

Black, black, black - not a single white hair on this little boy and the blackest baby we have had born here! I guess this was Magic's going away present when he left for his new home. Little Bit had been in with him for a couple of months at that time and we thought she was still open when Magic left and put her in with Sundance. Well, this little boy is definately a Black Magic Baby.

Little Bit decided to have her baby while we were gone to town. I figured she would have him the following night and had prepared a stall for her. This is the third time she managed to have her baby while we were gone. When I came home the two jennets that were sharing the lot with her were in the far corner of the lot while Little Bit was at the trough eating - a black baby walking circles around her. He walked up right to me when he saw me and has not known a stranger so far. All is well... just have to figure out how to keep this little guy cool  - it's been hot here with record temperatures of close to 90 degrees for this time of the year and his color certainly attracts the heat.

Top two pictures to the left taken at 1 day of age with a flash - bottom two pictures below taken at 2 days of age







Little Friends Primavera                             - Sold -

Date of Birth: 10. April 2007 - about 4:30 PM

Birth Height: 21" at 1 day of age

Foal Coat Color:  brown/gray/white spotted

Sire:  KMA Montana The Sundance Kid

         33" Black & White Spotted

Dam: B-7 Alla

          34" - dark brown

Alla again gave us a beautiful little girl the same day our large standard baby was born!  This time out of Sundance - the baby has lots of color with an interesting pattern. Primavera has a solid color blanket across her back, dark mane, both eye patches and several smaller spots on her neck and legs. She arrived right before a major spring storm hit our area. This seems to be the pattern lately. Alla did a great job delivering this baby as usual and is a wonderful moma. She loves to hug her baby when she nurses. Primavera means "spring" in spanish.

Pictures at 2 days of age






Velvet     (large Standard jennet foal)             - Sold -

Date of Birth: 10. April 2007 

Birth Height: 30 1/2" at 1 day of age

Foal Coat Color: dark brown/black

Sire:  large Standard Jack

         54" Gray-Dun

Dam: Rosie Mae

          large standard jennet - black

Rosie Mae gave birth to a beautiful little big girl. We were worried since Rosie is 8 years old now and this was her very first baby - an accidental breeding to her own sire at her former home. She had not been around moms and babies. Rosie had lived at our other place as a guard donkey but when the unusual cold weather approached we decided it would be best for her to stay closer - so she shared the expectant moma lot with our minis and she got to witness brand new babies from the other side of the fence which really interested her a lot. She would stand at the fence just watching those tiny babies nurse and play. For the nights we put her into a stall. The night she had her baby Rosie really wanted to get into her stall - a little bit unusual considering that she had never been in a stall before. She felt comfortable there and had her foal during the night. Rosie handled the birth like a pro and let the baby nurse without problems. We had worried about that also, since Rosie is very touchy about her back end. We mentally prepared for a possible bottle baby. We are soooo glad she realized that it is normal for a baby to invade that private space of her back end. Rosie is a wonderful mom - we couldn't ask for a better one and she has gotten much sweeter toward us as well. Velvet is supersoft just like "velvet" and it took us a little while to get used to those long legs!

Pictures at 2 days of age





Little Friends Cookie Dough Blizzard               - Sold -

Date of Birth: 03. April 2007 - 9:00 PM

Birth Height: 22 3/4" at  7 days

Foal Coat Color: frosted spotted white

Sire:  KMA Montana The Sundance Kid

         33" Black & White Spotted

Dam: Dalley Ho's Thelma

          35" - Dark Brown/Frosty Roan - extensive white points

It seemed like an eternity waiting for Thelma's baby to arrive. A month ago she looked like she was going to have her foal any day and I was sure this baby would arrive early. We have been watching her for an entire month since she looked like a milk cow. Her daughter Stella just had given birth a day earlier. Severe storms with 1 3/4" hail were in the forecast with a 40 degree temperature drop right behind the storm. I just knew that Thelma would wait for the storm to have her baby. I worked all day to make sure that ALL of our moms and babies would fit comfortably in the barn so none would be left out in the storm. I got a stall ready and left it empty (once again) for Thelma - just in case! With the kids' help we got barely finished feeding and everyone locked up when the storm arrived - except for Thelma. Thelma gets too upset in a stall unless she has a baby to take care of. We did get some nasty weather but the hail fell everywhere around us except here. At 9 PM the storm had finally passed through. We went right out to check on Thelma and the baby was just delivered - still half way in his bag. He was up on his legs within another 5 minutes and found his milk bottle quickly. The temperature started dropping into the basement within an hour of the storm's passing - so Thelma had her baby just in time. Freezing temperatures are expected tonight - we would have had to lock her up tonight if she had decided to wait another day.

Thelma delivered a beautiful little jack. His head is white and his color is not a rich tone - I don't know if he is a frosted spotted white or a light colored spot. The coloring looks more like a diluted color of his mom than it does gray. Will have to ask the registry on that one. I think since December we made it through the entire array of possible colors.


Little Friends Kalimera                                   - Sold -

Date of Birth: 02. April 2007 - 5:00 AM

Birth Height: 22 1/2" at 1 day

Foal Coat Color:  Red/Brown w. red highlights

Sire:  Ass-Pirin Acres Jolly Roger

         30 3/4" Light Red

Dam: Dalley Ho's Stella

          32 3/4" - Red/Brown

Stella delivered her first baby and little girl the day she was due and just 6 hours after Daisy delivered hers. I had been a little bit worried since Stella didn't let me touch her udder at all. I feared she wouldn't let her baby nurse if she was that touchy about her back end. Otherwise, Stella is a sweet jenny. While Stella bonded to her baby - allowing her to nurse was not what she had in mind. After giving her plenty of time I ended up having to hold Stella in place and restrain her so that the baby could nurse. I had to do this for 3 nursings w. lesser restraints and Stella finally accepted that letting her baby nurse was just part of her motherly duties.  I am sooooo relieved! She now seems to enjoy it when her baby nurses. We couldn't be happier with this little Jolly daughter that seems to be a carbon copy of her moma along with her beautiful big eye-rings and the red/brown cfoloring.           

1 day old and napping

Pictures at 1 day of age and taken with a flash except for the napping picture. Bottom  picture taken at 2 days of age.


Little Friends Coconut                              - Sold -

Date of Birth: 01. April 2007 - about 10:30 PM

Birth Height: 22 3/4" at 2 days of age

Foal Coat Color:  brown/white tyger spotted

Sire:  KMA Montana The Sundance Kid

         33" Black & White Spotted

Dam: JMO Dancin' Daisy

          36" - brown

Daisy delivered a beautiful tyger spotted little jenny. I love her color pattern since she has the dark going across her back in a continuous line. The black mane looks adorable and both ears are colored dark also. Some extra spots and little tyger spots make her quiet attractive. The birth was uneventful  and the baby found her milk bottle quickly. Daisy as always is a great mom! Little Coconut is a friendly little girl. Even though Daisy is our biggest jenny she always has beautiful girls. One of her daughters is living in Norway and another one made her home in England. Her third girl remained in the United States.

Pictures at 2 days of age




Little Friends Sanchez                             - Sold -

Date of Birth: 27. March 2007 

Birth Height: 20 1/4" at  1 day

Foal Coat Color: gray-dun w. rose tones

Sire:  Ass-Pirin Acres Jolly Roger

         30 3/4" Light Red

Dam: Amigo's My Sweet Valentine

          32 1/2" - Dark Brown

Valentine delivered a small,  trademark Jolly baby! He is straight, beautiful and correct as all of his foals are. He is our first baby that was born with one floppy ear. His left ear  looked like he had it folded over in the womb since it came out all wrinkled - he had several greases in it. It only took a day for it to straighten out. Valentine is a first time mom that handled the birth all on her own.


Pictures taken at two days of age.





Little Friends Micardo                               - Sold -

Date of Birth: 23. March 2007 

Birth Height: 22 1/4" at  4 days

Foal Coat Color: spotted

Sire:  KMA Montana The Sundance Kid

         33" Black & White Spotted

Dam: Lazy H Donkette Korral Black Eboney

          33 3/4" - Very Dark Brown

Eboney delivered another spotted jack in the middle of the day. I knew she was close but had to leave the house for a couple of hours. He was up on his legs when I came back home. All is well which we are very thankful for. Eboney had gotten a mouthful of hydraded lime just a couple of weeks earlier which burned her mouth badly. I caught her right away and washed out her mouth but the damage had been done and she felt miserable for a couple of days and required pain medicine to be able to eat and drink. Eboney is a good mom and her baby is a frisky boy! I tried my best to take some pictures of him but he is always heading my way for hugs. When my daughter was out there he went straight to her to try to untie her shoes. He is an affectionate and huggable baby!

Top two pictures taken at 3 days - bottom pics taken at 4 days.




Little Friends Lucie                                    - Sold -

Date of Birth: 19. March 2007 - 11:30 PM

Birth Height: 21" at 2 days

Foal Coat Color:  Gray-Dun

Sire:  Ass-Pirin Acres Jolly Roger

         30 3/4" Light Red

Dam: Windsong's Lizzy

          31" - gray-dun

Little Lucie arrived almost 24 hours after Domingo. Lizzy's last two girls were tiny, skimpy little girls that slept for the first few days. Lucie is a little bit different. She is really solid, round and straight - which made the birth a little bit harder on Lizzy. We watched for a while until it was apparent that Lizzy couldn't push past the little one's forehead  without being just completely exhausted. Freddie assisted her and really had to pull hard to get past the forehead with Lizzy pushing at the same time - after that Lizzy was able to do the rest.  Lizzy just about licked her baby to death - covering all areas. I had iodined the belly cord - she licked all of that clean, too. The baby didn't even have a chance to look for milk until after about 1 1/2 hours of licking. Lizzy doesn't think that Lucie needs to rest laying down - she makes her stand up  which is really weird after 2 babies that have slept their first few days away. Lucie is allowed to rest for about 5 minutes before Lizzy pushes her all over the place. We can't figure out what the pushing is all about but the baby is learning to adjust to her mom's antics. Lizzy has never been a pushy moma and always has let her babies do whatever they pleased. We'll see if she changes in another day or so. Lucie is a beautiful baby - I wouldn't change a thing about her.

Day 2: Lizzy is pushing her baby much less today - only when she wants her to nurse. Lucie is now allowed to lay down to rest.



Little Friends Domingo                             - Sold -

Date of Birth: 18. March 2007 - 11:30PM

Birth Height: 23" at 3 days

Foal Coat Color: light brown

Sire:  KMA Montana The Sundance Kid

         33" Black & White Spotted

Dam: Laughlin's Soballia

          34" - dark brown

Soballia was nice to us and had her baby before midnight - no problems - and the little one found his milk bottle quickly. Domingo is Soballia's first little boy (after two girls). He has a funny color with the top half of his short fur being a shiny brown and the bottom half (when you part the hair) being dark. He is as soft as a rabbit. 




Little Friends San Marino                         - Sold -

Date of Birth: 11. March 2007 - 5:15 AM

Birth Height: 21 3/4"

Foal Coat Color: brown/white spotted - some gray on legs

Sire:  KMA Montana The Sundance Kid

         33" Black & White Spotted

Dam: Triple Creek Sabrina

          34" - spotted

Sabrina and Sundance gave us this adorable little boy. Sabrina is a first time mom and when the little one popped out she tried to make sense of him. She had been watching the new babies all along but wasn't quiet sure about her little guy. She got used to her new role rather quickly and has turned into a wonderful and protective moma.  Marino has lots of color and is as sweet as can be.

Top two pictures to left taken at 2 days of age - bottom picture taken at 10 days of age.





Little Friends Painted Glory                      - Sold -

Date of Birth: 11. March 2007 - between 1:30 AM - 3:30 AM

Birth Height: 20"

Foal Coat Color:  brown/white spotted - some gray on legs

Sire:  KMA Montana The Sundance Kid

         33" Black & White Spotted

Dam: Triple Creek Little Rainmaker

          31" - dark brown/white spotted

Rain Maker and Sundance did it again - a beautiful little girl! She has lots of color and looks very much like San Marino (above) and both were born on the same day/night which made it for a loooong night and early start of the day for us. At two days of age they were allowed outside for the first time and both moms were just confused trying to figure out whose baby is whose - since the babies ran and played and must look alike even to their moms.




Little Friends Savannah                      - Sold - 

Date of Birth: 09. March 2007 - approx. 9:00 PM

Birth Height: 22"

Foal Coat Color:  gray-dun, NLP (no light points)

Sire:  KMA Montana The Sundance Kid

         33" Black & White Spotted

Dam: EA Santana

          31 3/4" - gray-dun

Santana and Sundance's repeat breeding gave us a beautiful little gray girl with dark points. Santana's foals always have the dark nose. She is the full sister to our spotted Miss Tahiti. Temperatures were pretty warm this first few days and she has been a tired little girl - mainly just getting up for her meals. At 5 days of age she is slowly waking up a little and runs and plays between her naps..

Pictures at 15 hours of age






Little Friends Flopsy

Date of Birth: 08. March 2007 -  approx: 12:00 PM

Birth Height: 22 1/2"

Foal Coat Color:  Brown with a little roaning

Sire:  Little Friends Lakota's Phantom

         32 1/4" Frosted Spotted White

Dam: Heavenly Brandy

          34 1/2" - dark brown

Brandy and Lakota gave us a beautiful little girl. The daytime delivery was fast and the baby found her milk bottle quickly. She is so huggable and my daughter's favorite baby so far. She named her Flopsy since she loves to play but sometimes looses her footing trying to cut corners - or literally just falls over her mom when she lays down to roll. When she goes up into her stall in the evenings - she literally just flops to the ground and passes out after her long day of play. She is a sweetheart! Brandy is a wonderful mom as usual.

Pictures at 2 days of age


Flopsy is offered for sale and can be seen on our for sale page.      


Little Friends Dippin' Dots                         - Sold -

Date of Birth: 06. March 2007 - 5:30 AM

Birth Height: 22 3/4" at 4 days of age

Foal Coat Color:  Spotted

Sire:  KMA Montana The Sundance Kid

         33" Black & White Spotted

Dam: B-7 Fancy

          34 1/4" - dark brown

Dippin' Dots looks very much like her 2005 full sister Miss Monaco. She has a sweet personality. I was going to let her and Fancy out at one day old and neither one was ready for it. They both went right back into the stall where they remained. Fancy as usual is a good but strict moma. It's amazing to see the different ways of mothering that the moms have. Today it took Fancy and her little girl an hour to decide that outside was ok - afterall.

Pictures at 1 day of age







Little Friends Argentino                          - Sold -

Date of Birth: 01. March 2007 - 9:15 AM

Birth Height: 22"

Foal Coat Color: brown/dark gray dun

Sire:  KMA Montana The Sundance Kid

         33" Black & White Spotted

Dam: Little Friends Ranch Sweet Miracle

          32 1/4" - Dark Gray-Dun

While I was working with Silver Mist's little girl trying to comfort her with her belly ache while also trying to get some colostrum into her - Miracle started getting restless. I had not even cleaned her stall yet. I hurried up to clean out her stall and as soon as I was finished she layed down and went into labor. She delivered a handsome boy and all "seemed" fine.  I checked to see if she had milk in both teats and baby appeared to be sucking. Miracle had the biggest milk bag so her baby shouldn't have to worry about not getting enough milk! Wrong again!!! While Miracle had the biggest bag she had no milk! I attempted to milk her and got out two squirts out of each teat - nothing!!! So more colostrum replacer for the baby in hopes that his body was still capable of absorbing it at 10 hours of age. Miracle got a shot of Oxytocin hoping that it would help her let down her milk. It made Miracle a little bit uncomfortable but it worked!!!  Her baby at about 9 PM finally was able to get some milk from his mom. Today, he seems a little bit tired but ok otherwise. We are hoping that he will be just fine. I am a little bit worried about him.....



Little Friends Zykina

Date of Birth: 01. March 2007 - 6:22 AM

Birth Height: 22"

Foal Coat Color:  Gray-Dun Roan

Sire:  Little Friends Lakota's Phantom

         32 1/4" Frosted Spotted White

Dam: Lil' Half Pint's Silver Mist

          33 3/4" - light gray-dun

Silver Mist delivered this beautiful little girl after I watched her all night on the monitor. As usual  we breathed a sigh of relief after the uneventful arrival of this little one but not for long. While little Zykina was still laying down she sucked the air searching for a drink while she was still down. Apparently she sucked so much air into her little stomach that once she got up - she had such a terrible belly ache (colic) that she couldn't even think about nursing. She kept throwing herself to the ground, rolling in every imaginable way trying to get rid of the pain. I felt so helpless not being able to just make her pain go away. We tried to massage her belly without relief. I called the vet to see what we could give her for the pain. After some Pepto Bismol and a banamine injection she slowly got better. We fed her just a little bit of her mom's milk after she wasn't able to nurse for the first 2 1/2 hours. Only at about 4 hours she finally was able to nurse on her own. She's been doing ok since but what a morning we had!!!!









Little Friends Biscotti                              - Sold -

Date of Birth: 22. February 2007 

Birth Height: 22" at 1 week of age

Foal Coat Color: spotted

Sire:  KMA Montana The Sundance Kid

         33" Black & White Spotted

Dam: McWhirter's Jewel Dawn

          31 1/2" - Gray-Dun

Happy delivered a very handsome little boy. Happy didn't have the traditional signs for impending birth and with that didn't have adequate amounts of milk for her baby. He needed colostrum replacer and we supplemented him with milk replacer for the first 4 days. I was so worried about this little boy since he slept deeply for about 85 minutes out of every 90 minutes for the first few days. Now at 1 week of age he is finally more like a normal baby. He is beautifully marked and has a very sweet personality.


Little Friends Sweet Petunia                   - Sold - 

Date of Birth: 18. February 2007 - 12:35 PM

Birth Height: 21 1/2"

Foal Coat Color:  Gray-Dun

Sire:  Ass-Pirin Acres Jolly Roger

         30 3/4" Light Red

Dam: B-7 Tapioca

          32 1/4" - dark gray-dun

Sweet Petunia is another repeat breeding with Jolly and Tapioca since we liked her last little girl (Sweet Gardenia - future brood jenny) so much. And what a beautiful little girl she is! Petunia arrived in the middle of the day - I had been sick all night and Freddie did the feeding for me in the morning but couldn't take care of all the cleaning. (He realized how much work it actually is to take care of everyone!) We sent our son out at 12:30 PM to clean the expecting moma paddock and he came flying back in. Tapioca had just layed down to have her foal. Since it was outside and really cold that day Freddie helped the delivery along and wrapped the baby in towels right away. We moved Dolly and Hot Chocolate out of the insulated foaling barn to the other barn and had to speed clean the stall while Freddie took care of Petunia outside. Just a little while later Tapioca and Petunia moved in and Petunia found her milk bottle. Petunia is such a fluffy little girl. I love her color and beautiful head. Even after birth Tapioca did not have the traditional signs of impending birth - her milk bag did not look any different than the days before delivery. I am so glad I wasn't able to do chores that morning or we would have missed the birth on this cold Sunday which could not have been a good thing for the little one. I'm in Love with all my new babies!!!! It will be so difficult to let them go!

Top picture at 20 hours - bottom pictures at 4 days



Little Friends Red Amber                           - Sold -      

Date of Birth: 16. February 2007 - 4:30 PM

Birth Height: 24" at 3 days of age

Foal Coat Color: Red

Sire:  Ass-Pirin Acres Jolly Roger

         30 3/4" Light Red

Dam: Hill's Haven Neka

          34 1/4" - Red

Jolly and Neka have done it again. They had a sweet red girl. Neka had her baby right at feeding time. I put out hay and she was eating with the other girls. I checked her bag and decided I needed to put her up in a stall where I could watch her for the night. I put fresh water and straw into the stall went back out to get her and she was laying down with the bubble already showing. 5 minutes later little Amber was born. Amber is the tallest baby born on our farm ever but has the sweetest personality. She is red and looks like she will be her moms color.

Bottom Pictures at 3days and taken with a flash - others at 6 days

Amber is playing Peek-A-Boo under her moms tail


Little Friends Hot Chocolate                    - Sold -

Date of Birth: 06. February 2007 - 4 PM

Birth Height: 20 1/4"

Foal Coat Color:  Dark Brown

Sire:  HR Black Magic

         32" Black/no stripe

Dam: Spotted Acres Dynamites Dolly

          31 3/4" - dark Brown

We knew Dolly's baby couldn't be that big since Dolly wasn't too big with her baby. I checked on Dolly every 30 minutes and at 4 PM I found her with most of the baby delivered but the baby's head was flipped under and turned backwards. My stomach sank being sure she was delivering a dead foal. I hurried to her side and flipped the baby's head back around which brought sudden life into her.  After that she was up quickly but couldn't break the belly cord. We ended up having to cut the belly cord. She found her milk bottle without extra help and by by 8 PM was kicking up her heals. She seems to be a happy little girl! I could get lost looking at her beautiful eyes!

Pictures at 16 hours













Little Friends Arctic Blast                      - Sold -

Date of Birth: 04. February 2007 - approx. 11:30 PM 

Birth Height: 23"

Foal Coat Color: Brown

Sire:  Little Friends Lakota's Phantom

         32 1/4" Frosted Spotted White

Dam: Little Friends Ranch Miss Montana

          32 1/4" - Dark Brown

We knew Montana was due and with the frigid temperatures I watched her like a hawk. Two nights on the monitor she didn't have her baby. We figured we would move her and new baby into the insulated foal barn once the little one arrives since we don't have a camera in it. The third night it got especially cold with the Arctic Blast coming down from Canada - so we ended up moving her before she had her baby and tried to move the camera with her - it didn't work and the attempt of adding a new camera didn't work either - so we had to keep watch over her the traditional way. Luckily for us she decided to only wait until right before midnight to have her baby. She delivered a very healthy looking boy that had no problems finding his milk bottle. We put a little foal blanket on him since we couldn't get him dried off with towels. So far all is well and Montana actually keeps him under the infrared heat lamp - most of our donkeys will not use it and Montana stayed as far away from it as she could the two nights prior of having her baby. Another proof that donkeys are smart!!! Montana is usually a messy girl when it comes to pooping anywhere she feels like going - since her baby arrived she will only use one corner! She knows exactly when it counts!

Pictures were taken with a flash.


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