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Little Friends Andina

 33"  - Dark Brown - NLP

Andina is out of Flopsy and Sundance and is a sweet girl. She has matured nicely and we have decided to retain her for our breeding program. Andina is the mother of Daisey (2017).


West Prairie Anna Bell

 32 3/4"  - Dark Brown

Anna Bell came to us from West Prairie farm. She was a little shy at first but now is warming up to up nicely. She is a pretty girl. Anna Bell is the mother of Pitched Dark (2017).

Little Friends Baby Doll

 32 1/4"  - Dark Brown - NLP

Baby Doll is a correct little jenny with heavy bone and No Light Points. Baby Doll is the mother of Booberry (2009) and  TJ (2011), Asiago (2013) and Skye (2016). Baby Doll is bred to Sundance for fall 2017.


Little Friends Miss Brazil

32" - Black w. stripe

Brazil is a small little girl. She has a beautiful, very dark, color and is an attractive little girl. I just love her to bits. Brazil's beautiful dark spotted girl (2009) has passed away due to a bacterial infection at just 10 days of age. Brazil had an adorable little dark boy in 2011 (Emesto), a dark spotted boy (2013), and Ink Spot (2017).


Hidden Assets Bunny

33" - Red/Brown

Bunny came to us from Hidden Assets in Michigan. She has a super sweet personality and loves her scratches. Bunny is the mother of "Loving You", dark red (2009), and Cumin (2012), Bunny's Honey (2015) and Kimi (2017).


McMillan's Cameo

34 1/2"  - brown w. blaze

Cameo is an attractive jenny with a beautiful head out of McMillan's Gambler that has made Reserve High Point at the Corsicana Show in Texas in November of. 2005. She is such a sweet and friendly girl. Cameo is the mother of "Moradi", 2009 and looks to be bred to Sundance (his last foal to be born on our farm) for March 2018.


Heiken's Ark Celina                                                 

Dark Red

Celina is the most beautiful girl with a super dark red color and a cute, small white star on her forehead. She is Miss Personality Plus and knows what she wants in her herd. To us she is always sweet though!


Little Friends Elia

33 3/4"  - dark brown

Elia is a sweet girl. She is the mother of Aztec (2010) and looks to be bred to Sundance for a fall 2017 foal.



Lazy JV Fancy Pockets

32 1/2"  - red/gray/white spotted

Pockets is a little spotted jenny that is now shed out. She had kept us guessing with her color ever since we've seen her foal pictures. She looks to be a light brown/white spotted jenny with lots of red on her face/neck and ears which she probably got from her sire that is red. She has the cutest "badger mark" in her face. She is the mother of Ravioli (2008), Martino (2010) and Tumbleweed (2012), I-C-Hot Ice (2015) and Kibou (2017).


Little Friends Is-A-Bella

32" - Dark Brown

Is-A-Bella and Esther are full sisters. She is an adorable little girl that is very vocal when she doesn't get her feed fast enough. Is-A-Bella is the mother of Kapono (2009) and Socks (2017).


Picture to be added soon

West Prairie Jaqueline

 321/4"  - Dark Brown w few white hair on forehead

Jaqueline came to us from West Prairie farm. She was a little shy at first but now is warming up to up nicely. She came bred to Gardner's Dusty Star for a 2017 foal and is now the mother of Mumbai (2017).

West Prairie Joey                                                 

32 1/2" - Dark Brown

Joey is a nice brown jenny that is awaiting her first foal in 2016. She is the mother of Tamik (2016) and is being exposed to "Tomahawk" (Swagger) for a spring 2018 foal.


Little Friends Jolie

31 3/4" - Dark Brown

Jolie is a little girl out of Kyacera and Nacho. The picture does not do her justice and a new one will be added soon. Jolie is the mother of "Black Friday" (2016) and we are planning on breeding her to I-C-Hot Ice for 2018.

Little Friends Kailua

33 1/4"  - gray-dun - NLP

Kailua is a nice girl out of Skwentna and Sundance. We have decided to retain her for our breeding program. She is bred to Nacho for 2017 (his last foal to be born on our farm).


Little Friends Miss Kenya

34" - Dark Brown with white hair on forehead

Miss Kenya is another one of Alla's girls. She is a dark jenny out of Sundance and is a sweetheart to be around. She is best friends with Red Velvet. Kenya is the mother of "Early Treat" (2008) and Diego (2010). Kenya is for sale along with her friend Molasses to a pet home.




Little Friends Kyacera

32 3/4 - Black with cross

Kyacera was one of my favorite 2006 babies. I wanted to keep her but since we kept several of our 2006 foals she was sold. Her owner since had to give her donkeys up due to a divorce so we were glad to get a second chance with Kya and purchased all of her donkeys (3 that we had sold to her). Kya is as beautiful as I had always envisioned her to turn out.   Kyacera is the mother of Jolie (2011) and Cashew (2017). Kya is for sale once her foal is weaned since we are retiring her.


Little Friends Lucida

33 1/4" - Dark Brown - NLP

Lucida is a dark brown, girl with the cutest floppy main. She obviously has some wooly genetics out of Sundance. She always wants attention. We have decided to retain her for our breeding program and are hoping to pair her with Tomahawk (Swagger for a fall 2018) foal.  

Little Friends Madeira

32" - Brown

Madeira is a beautiful, compact girl that is the mother of an most adorable little black jack foal "Little Black Jack"(2016). She is exposed to Firecracker for a spring 2018 foal.

B-7 Mali

32" - Rose Dun 

Mali, though registered as gray-dun is a rose dun with lots of red and light gray in her coat. She has a quite unusual color. During the winter she has an orange/pink coat. She also has the light legs that are characteristic of red donkeys. Mali is correct and is the mother of Platinum Star (2005), Celina (FSW 2006), Marillya (Rose Dun in 2008) Ironman (FSW 2009) and Zeno (2011). We have retired Mali and she will remain with us since she is very special to us.


Little Friends Marillya

30 3/4" - Rose-Dun (updated height to be added soon)

We knew from the very moment this little girls was born that she would be a keeper. We had planned on keeping one of Mali's foals but every time she had a little girl it ended up selling right away. So this time we didn't even put her onto our website for a while and when we did - we added the Not for Sale sign right away. Marillya is a beautiful, compact little girl that reminds us very much of Mali - just what we wanted! Her mother Mali is very special to us! Marillya is the mother of Te Amo (2012),  Arabi (2015) and Tamiami (2017).


SVA Monday Mary

32" - Gray-Dun

Mary came to us in March 2008. She is a very correct little girl and probably would do well at the shows! Mary is the mother of Yelina (2009), Maybelline (2012), Enrique (2015) and Easter (2017).



Heiken's Ark Modesty

31" - Gray-Dun

Modesty is a very sweet, small and beautiful girl that is the mother of Panini (2016). She is bred to Sundance for fall (2018).


Little Friends Molasses

33 3/4" - Dark Brown

Molasses has a rich reddish brown color that especially shows up when the sun shines and in her summer coat. Her pedigree includes the original import lines and lots of color. Molasses is the mother of Millana (2009). Molasses is for sale along with her friend Kenya to a pet home.


Little Friends Moradi

33" - Brown - NLP

Moradi is another brown - NLP girl out of Cameo and Sundance that we have retained for our breeding program. Moradi will not stand still for a jack, and at her age we may just offer her as a pet. 


Little Friends Nachica

32 1/4" - Brown

Nachica is out of Miracle and Nacho and is a pretty girl! She lost her spotted jenny foal at 11 months of gestation in 2016 and is now bred to Sundance for a fall 2017 foal. 

Little Friends Nailu

34" - Light Gray-Dun w. some roaning and forehead star

Nailu is out of Tapioca and Lakota. We love her light color and her little white star. Nailu has been with Sundance in the fall of 2016 and now with Tomahawk (spring 2017) - and we have not seen her in heat anymore. So we are guessing that she is bred for 2018.

Little Friends Nila

33" - Brown

Nila has turned into a nice girl and is literally a carbon copy of her mom "Odyssey". Her sire is Sundance. Nila is the mother of Midoo (2011) and Millet (Poppy) (2017), both red boys.

Heiken's Ark Nona

33" - Dark Brown

Nona has the most expressive eyes and is of a nice dark brown color! She is the mother of Nutoka (2016) and is bred to Sundance for fall 2017).

West Prairie Patty                                                 

32 1/2" - Very Dark Brown

Patty is a very distinct girl that looks like she has a lot of wooly in her. She is heavy boned and gave birth to a very nice black jack in 2016 (Pumpernickel) and has been exposed to Tomahawk for a spring 2018 foal.

Heiken's Ark Piper                                                 

32 1/2" - Red Gray/Rose Dun

Piper is a pretty little girl with a thick shoulder stripe and the mother of Tahini, a cute little red jenny (2016). She has been exposed and should be bred to I-C-Hot Ice for a 2018 foal.

Little Friends Ramona

33 1/2" - Gray Dun - NLP

Ramona as all of our NLP jennies is a sweetheart. She is out of Lakota and Silvermist. She was with Sundance in Fall of 2017 and then with Tomahawk (spring 2017). We have not seen her in heat anymore. Time will tell.... if she is bred or just on the heavier side.



Windsongs Red Savina

33 3/4" - Red

Red Savina is out of Baroness and Jolly and has turned out to be a really sweet, nice girl. We have retained her for our breeding program.


Windsongs Red Velvet

34 3/4" - Red

Velvet is a sweetheart. She has the biggest, white rings around her eyes. This is not the best picture of her... She is best friends with Miss Kenya and they are always there for treats and hugs. Red Velvet is the mother of Ice-T (2008), Miss Syria (red, 2010) and Sirachi (2017).. She should be bred to Nacho for 2017.

Heiken's Ark Sage                                                

" - Dark Brown/Gray-Dun - NLP

Sage has the cutest head, and has a nice body. She is a sweet girl and we are hoping that she is bred to Sundance for fall 2017. She has been with Firecracker this spring (2017) to give her another chance if she is not bred. 

Little Friends Sahara

32 1/2"  - Light Red

Sahara is a nice young jenny that is out of our Hot Pink. She is best friends with Marillya so we decided to keep her. Sahara is the mother of Ibis (2012) and a spotted jack (2017).

Little Friends Samba

34 1/4" - Black/Brown

Samba is another really dark girl that you just want to keep looking at. We just love her. Samba is the mother of Little Squirt (2009), that is now living in Switzerland and First Pitch (2017).

The Elms Sirena

31  3/4" - Dark Brown

Sirena came to us from the Elms Farm. I love her white belly and she has some dark spotted genetics. She is the mother of Sweet Spot (2017).

West Prairie Star

 33 1/4"  - Brown with star

Star came to us from West Prairie farm. She was a little shy at first but now is warming up to up nicely. She has the biggest white star on her forehead. She came bred to Gardner's Dusty Star and is now the mother of Tirela, a cute brown with blaze face girl.




Heiken's Ark Steffie                                                 

" - Gray-Dun/with red tones

Steffie is another girl that came to us from Heiken's Ark. She is also a shy girl but inquisitive and has warmed up to us somewhat. We are not sure of her breeding status at this time.

Little Friends Sunny

30 3/4" - Rose/Dun/Brown/Dark Gray - lots of red

Sunny is a cute, small girl out of Lucky Charm and Jolly. She is bred to Sundance for a fall 2017 foal.


Little Friends Tickled Pink

31" -  Red based frosted spotted white

Tickled Pink came to us from Oklahoma along with her baby Palomita. We are hoping to pair her with Firecracker for a 2018 foal.




Little Friends Tumbleweed (on right)

33 3/4" -  Red with roan face

Tumbleweed is a nice red girl out of Pockets and Nacho. We are not sure of her breeding status. She is currently exposed to Tomahawk for a possible 2018 foal.

Little Friends Vienna

32 3.4"  -  Dark Brown

Vienna is a very outgoing girl like her mom Valentine. She is the mother of a cute little brown jack  (2017).. .


Little Friends Zinnia

31 1/2"  -  Red

Zinnia is a beautiful red girl out of Valentine and Nacho. She is currently exposed to Firecracker for 2018.



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