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Frontier Legends Firecracker

Date of Birth: 21. November 2013 

Birth Height: 29 1/4"

Foal Coat Color:  red

Sire:  Heiken's Ark Rojo


Dam: Ass-pirin Acres Razzel Dazzel

          Dark Red Roan

Since it is time to bring some fresh blood into our herd - Firecracker has come to us from Frontier Legends. He is a tiny guy with nice conformation and a great pedigree. We are looking forward to pairing him with some of our girls in 2017 and are hoping to welcome some beautiful foals in 2018. Anyone can tell that I love taking pictures of his head!


KMA Montana The Sundance Kid                                                  - Sold -

Color: Black & White spotted w. stripe

Height: 33"         

Sire: Arrow Creek Sir Geoffrey - 33" - Gray/Brown/White Spotted

Dam: Arrow Creek Josie - 34" - Gray Dun

Sundance is a striking looking black and white spotted jack from the Arrow Creek line. Not only is he stocky and heavy boned but he also has outstanding conformation. Sundance has given us some beautiful babies over the years with about 70% spotted foals and 30% solid colored foals. Many of his foals are dark spotted, several black... Several of his foals are living in several foreign countries now. 












Little Friends Nacho Supreme

Date of Birth: 31. July 2006 

Birth Height: 31 1/2"

Foal Coat Color:  red

Sire:  Ass-Pirin Acres Jolly Roger

         30 3/4" Light Red

Dam: MJB Hot Pink

          32 1/4" - Light Red

Nacho was a tiny guy at birth and I was worried about him. He has turned into a nice stocky boy since and is now a beautiful 2 year old! We have kept him for a future herd sire and he is a beautiful and correct jack! His first foals were born in 2009 and we are very happy with what he has given us. We have some girls bred to him for spring 2010. 

Top picture at 24 months, middle picture at 16 months - others at 2 months.





















Ass-pirin Acres Jolly Roger                             - Sold -

For Reference Only

Color: Light Red

Height: 30 3/4"

Sire: LN Rising Son 30" - Red

Dam: Ass-pirin Acres Joy 30 1/2" - Light Brown

Jolly Roger is an outstanding small and compact little jack from small stock and champion blood lines with a wonderful extended pedigree. We are very pleased with the babies that he has given us. Most of his babies inherit his straight legs and round back end as his nice small head.

322 ancestors in the Donkey Tree - View Jolly's complete pedigree

Jolly is now a herd sire overseas in Slovenia.




Little Friends Lakota's Phantom           - Sold -
For Reference Only

Height: 32 1/4"

Color: Fully frosted spotted white

Sire: untraced

Dam: untraced

Lakota is a beautifully put together little jack. It is so sad that he doesn't have a known pedigree since he looks to be a very well bred little jack. His babies are of very nice quality, well filled out,  with great bites and nice straight legs. We like for our jacks to have a pedigree but we are making an exception and are very satisfied with the quality of his foals. He is the sire of "Q-tip"(FSW), "Diamond" (spot) and "Something Special"(FSW). He is also the sire of our 2006 foals "Celina" (FSW) and "Sombrero" (spot).  Some jennies are bred to him for 2007.

Lakota had some beautiful foals in a variety of colors in 2007 (2 little jacks and 5 little girls):

Arctic Blast (Brown), Zykina (Gray-Roan), Flopsy (Dark brown-roan), Habibi (dark brown), Pina Colada (FSW), Chimayo (dark-gray dun, NLP) and a little (Masked Spotted) girl born to a jenny that we sold bred to Lakota.

We will be awaiting one last foal out of Lakota for spring 2010. This baby should arrive in March.

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