Testimonials from new Donkey Parents

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He is the SWEETEST animal on the farm! I was sitting on the ground petting and talking to him this morning. I started crying over how sweet he is and that's when I'd thought for sure he understood me because he snuggled up & then gently head bumped me. Too sweet!! I can't thank you enough! Thank you! Thank you! Michelle (Oct. 2017)

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Poppy and Socks

They were great travelers.. every time I checked they were eating or just resting against each other. When we got home I left them to explore their new area and they just walked around nibbling at this and that. Didn't seem stressed at all. This morning they are following me around like puppy dogs and I am totally loving on them. I am in heaven that is for sure! (Sept 16, 2017)
Just wanted to let you know Socks and Poppy are doing great. Everyone that comes to see them loves them... they can't believe how calm and friendly they are. On Tuesday I let them out of the smaller paddock into their big field and they were in heaven! Thank you again for raising such wonderful boys. I love them so much. (Nancy Sept. 23, 2017)

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Here are the girls with the other girls and my Paint this morning. Just love them soooooooo much! Oh they are doing wonderful! Seem very happy and we are so thrilled to have them. All four of them are so good together and you cannot separate them now and they are so attached. They are so cute all together. (August 2017)

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Hi Nadia, here are some photos of the beautiful donkeys we adopted from you a few weeks ago. They are doing just wonderful and they are very loved by us and everyone at our barn!! We arrived back to our barn in Indianapolis around midnight that night but there were about 5 people there waiting for us to see the donkeys and they had decorated their stall just beautifully!! Both mom and baby are thriving and they are very loved. We are so excited and thrilled to learn with them and give them a wonderful, forever home.
Sincerely, Jim & Wendie Tallent and Megan Hodgson. (November 2016).

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Hi Nadia, I hope you, family, and donkeys are all doing well. I just got back from my nightly feeding and when I came into the pasture, Skye ran  over and put her head on my shoulder and gave me the biggest hug. she is doing amazing! She couldn't fit in any better around here. Thanks again for letting her be part of our family!
Brad Fitzpatrick (Sept. 2016)

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Valentine in her new home with her new best mule friend Peaches (April 2016)

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Diamond in her new home - putting herself to the same height as her new friend... (April 2016)

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Malia and Tina in their new home soaking up all the attention they can get - just two days after they arrived there. We are so happy to have met such a nice family!
Thank you for giving these three special girls such a wonderful and loving home.

April 2016

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Watch little Medici on youtube to see what Heather taught him:
http://youtu.be/z0IkHWv2VQc (if link does not work got to youtube and enter: 20150107155640)

March 2015:
Nadia, your donkeys are the best gift I've ever received! Mocha does not do tricks, but we still love her sweet little self. :)
Heather - Gray Oak Boarding & Training Inc.

Medici is thriving. He loves the human company and is so smart that I've been teaching him little tricks. He will touch my face if I ask for a kiss, and if I place a hula hoop around his neck he will step high with his front legs one at a time until it is around his waist. He's so smart. Sounds silly, but he even likes to wear a little hat that I put on him as a joke because it got so cold all of a sudden. They are both so beautiful and kind and cooperative that I can't get over my love for them. I put a little scarf and headband on Mocha for Halloween fun and she didn't mind at all. I'm really enjoying them. I've sent you a pic of them in their hats.  Drew thinks I should make a calendar with them on every page.  I told Drew when I retire from horseback riding I'm going to have a small herd of donkeys instead of horses because they are so much more loving and sweet.
I don't know what it is you do to make such wonderful animals, but they are so special that I wouldn't buy a donkey from anyone else. Maybe next year I'll come back to increase my herd.
Thanks for everything,

Gray Oak Boarding &  Training Inc.

(Oct. 2014) 

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Just a quick update to let you know the girls are doing great! I can't believe they have only been with us for five weeks. We practice leading every day. We also brush hair everyday. They are both becoming divas. I tell everyone that they are my blood pressure medication. There is no way to be stressed out when you are greeted with their sweet dispositions. All they want to do is make me happy! I have been so surprised by their intuitiveness and intelligence. Neither of them miss a thing, wish I was as quick.
Thanks for all the love and attention that you gave them while they were with you. I know that they would not be the loving little girls that they are without you being in their lives.
Kimberly M.

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Hi Nadia,
    They are doing FANTASTIC. I can't say enough about them. I really feel guilty having them in the barn. They should be in my house. They are more like dogs than outside donkeys LOL. I would love to get another one. My birthday is coming up in May. I would love to have another black and white Spotted.
    Pebbles is the ''Princess'' of the farm and believe me she knows it. Bam Bam is so sweet but he will let her know when he has had enough. Pebbles runs, plays, bucks and wants Bam Bam to do the same. He does when he's good and ready. They're always looking for me. I love it! Like two puppies that can't wait to be with me. I must have more. I am so addicted to these babies. I included more photos. Pebbles and Bam Bam are by precious little dolls and I love them with all my heart. My husband loves them too. He kisses them and talks to them. We take them for walks like puppies on a leash. My neighbors love them. We have great fun. Let me know what you have for babies this spring. I hope all is well with you and yours.
                                                                        As always,

I am so very impressed in these two kids. They are just fantastic. You obviously give your donkeys great care and attention. Thank you so very much for these sweet babies. My husband and I love them so very much. We are hooked!!!
My friends and family were cooing over them as if they were human babies.
                                   As always,

Hi Nadia,
    I just had to send you this photo. This is my 17.1 hand 1800 lb.Spotted Draft stallion. He is smitten with Pebbles. (left picture). Right picture: Pebbles and my pug "Jelly Bean". 
  Pebbles is so irresistible. I can't stay away from her. Oh I'm in love.She is my baby. She'll probably end up living in the house with us. She likes the Pugs and they like her.     Bam Bam gives us a big HEEEE HAAAAW when he sees us. He's a doll too.
                                    Happy New Year

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Here are Basmati, Nery and Frosty with owner Christine on one of their 2-3 hours long weekly hikes in the Italian mountains! Here is what Christine wrote but it is in German:

Liebe Nadia

ich möchte mich gerne mal wieder melden und von uns und den Eselchen  berichten! Wir haben schon zahlreiche Wanderungen gemacht und es klappt einfach super mit den 3 Lieben. Es sind wirklich so herzige Tiere, wenn man  sie nicht selbst erlebt, kann man es nicht glauben. Besonders Nery ist sehr lernfreudig und lässt sich super führen. Frosty ist total lieb und verschmust und die kleine Basmati ist sowieso die Anhänglichste. 
Anbei einige Fotos. Es sind Fotos von einer schönen Herbstwanderung zu einer Burg hier am Hausberg. Wir waren ca. 
3 Stunden unterwegs. Sie lieben es, bergauf zu Wandern. Immer am  Wochenende geht es zum Wandern. Eine kleine Wanderung gibt es jede 
Woche und wenn die Zeit es zulässt, zwischendurch mal wieder ein lange Wanderung von so ca. 2-3 Stunden.

Viele liebe Grüsse nach Kentucky


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Here are Valentine and Gelati saying hello from Austria. Their owner Martina goes for walks with them regularly.

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Rodina and Qwendi, Belgium

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Coconut and Magic in Switzerland

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Oliver (Little Ike) has already stole our heart. I just can't begin to tell you what a doll Oliver is.  He can't stand
not being the center of attention and being loved.  He is leading exceptionally well for his age.  The kids like taking them out to the
open pasture to walk. He should have been a little girl as sweet as he is. Thank you so much for making our family so happy! Shelly

Oliver in his new home enjoying his hugs!

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Debbie Erickson and Trick or Treat -
she lives in Penryn, CA.

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October 2007
Hello Nadia,
Three years ago today, October 9, your La Luna and Twinkle arrived here at
our home in Connecticut. I can not describe to you the joy and love they
have brought us in these three years. They are incredible, intelligent,
loving, humorous, beautiful creatures. Thank you for helping us discover the
world of miniature donkeys.
As I thought about their 3 year anniversary with us, I decided to let you
know that they are the loves of our lives.
Thank you again for bringing Luna and Twinkle into our lives. We would not
give them up for anything in the world. 
I hope you and your family are well.
Lisa Cooney  
Twinkle and Luna three years after going to their new home!

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October 2007
I wanted to send you a quick  note to let you know just how great the boys
are doing.  They have settled in very well, and are playing together like 2
little puppies.  My mares actually love them!!!!  Didn't expect that to
happen.  When I go to feed the horses, little Jackson (Argentino) comes right into the
tack room with me, and I think Casper (Micardo) would too if there was enough room.

Oh- the neighbors are getting such a laugh out of watching the 2 of them
chase either other around the paddocks.  Jackson will chase Casper, and
then they reverse order and Casper chases Jackson.  THEY ARE THE SWEETEST

Sandy Holzwarth
Argentino taking the donkey limo home with his new owners. 
(August 2007)

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Ulla Schumann with her family, Thumper and Almond Joy - Gittelde, Germany

Pictures: Left Summer - 2007 - Right: Winter 2007/08

The Schumann's take their four legged family members on long hikes.

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Just a note to tell you about my lil donkey. We call him Kharma. I
changed his name to Kharmic Blast. He seems to really like it. Kharma is
quite a character. He follows me all over the farm. If he's behind me,
he runs to catch up. He's so funny! When he wants some loving he bumps
into me. I've been teaching him to put his front hooves up on a tub.
He's very easy to train and such a pleasure to work with! I'd like to
train him for in-hand trail competitions. That would be great!
I love, love, love my baby!

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Hello Nadia and Freddie,
I have spent the entire week with our new babies and They are so precious.
You have truly done a wonderful job with them. They love everyone. They love to be brushed and will let me clean there feet without any hesitation. We could not be more pleased. Hope to talk with you soon. We are grateful for all  three of our
babies and they are very much loved.

Karen and David

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Nadia...Just wanted you to know that Celina arrived yesterday morning at
10am in the middle of a snow storm! But, by afternoon the sun came
out and today it is a beautiful day with sun even though it is still
cold. She is WONDERFUL and we love her so! She and Nicoal are inseparable
and are getting along so well. Thanks you so much for this wonderful
little girl! We will treasure her and keep you posted on her growth and
Thanks..Lori Wargo, Cabinwoodfarm, Ohio, 2007

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Just a quick note to let you know how pleased we are with these two girls. 
They have adjusted well and have the sweetest personalities.  We love to watch
them run and play in the pasture with the other donkeys.  When they see us
coming they get so excited and run up to be scratched and petted. They are a
pleasure to be around.
Thanks again,
Winston & Crystal, Tennessee

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Hi Nadia:
     I wanted to write and let you know how much I love my "little boys"!  They are
both very loving now toward me.  But as you well know, Little Bee is still the
most loving of all!  When they see me , they come running with their little
tails wagging.  They look so cute when they play tag.  I wish you could see
them when they give me a "donkey hug".
     While I'm at school, my neighbors bring their lawn chairs over to watch them.
Stormy and Little Bee put on such a show when they know someone is watching!
     I just wanted to let you know that they are doing well and they have both
bonded to me.  They follow me everywhere in the pasture.  They are so sweet in the
morning  when they wake up to be fed.  They stretch their legs !!!!   They have
learned to go outside the barn because I clean the barn before I feed them.
They look so cute peeking inside to see if I'm done cleaning the barn.  They know
that when the barn is clean they get fed.  They also know that they get a treat
as soon as they come back in the barn.
     Smart little guys aren't they!!
     Thank you so much for loving them until I could have them . We love them so much.

 They are such a joy to have!



Stormy and Little Bee all grown up in their first parade - September 2007!

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Kendra had a beautiful baby girl yesterday.
I was watching her every hour, but of course she cheated me. When we arrived the
baby was standing.
She is soooo nice, and spotted.
I have a lot of pictures, but just now I have problems getting in to the server.
Just send one I took when she was 3 hours. They have both been outside today, we had
nice weather but it is still cold and the snow is not away yet.

Kristin from Norway
April 22, 2006

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These are some of the pictures we took of Monito's arrival here this afternoon.

The girls are so excited and can't stop lovin' on him.

Thank you so much Nadia for selling us such a dear sweet baby!

We are all in love with him.


Love Linda

The girls are in training today. Brittany has Jabar (4 month old Arabian colt). While Teresa has Monito. He just loves Jabar and will follow him anywhere. Which is making it very easy to train him to lead. The girls are having a ball and I'm feeling so much better.
I have Fibromyalgia, Degenerative Arthritis and Sleep Apnea. My husband commented that Monito is a 'God-send' since I've been feeling so much better and have been able to get out of the house more these past two days than I've been out in months! LOL The girls have taken them to all our neighbors and everyone is in love with Monito. I have a feeling he'll be a true therapy mini-donkey.
Thanks ever so much Nadia!
We love him, love him, love him!!!
Love Linda, Jerry and the girls


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Happy Holidays Nadia!
I hope that you are your family are doing well; Luna and Twinkle sure seem to be.
We are so in love with these two precious babies that we just can not stand it!
I sit and watch them and still sometimes can not believe that they are actually here with us.
They are playful and loving; they are mischievous and sneaky. They are such good, good girls with this little streak of naughtiness just under the surface that gets us every time. They do not seem to miss a trick, always curious and checking everything out. Today Twinkle lead the way for their very first romp in the snow. They pranced around, ran their noses through it and tossed their heads proudly.
I start and end every day by spending some time just quietly being with them. It is a wonderful way to live! I I pray that they will be safe, healthy and happy and that we will have a very long future together to laugh, learn and love. Thank you for bringing these incredible creatures into our lives. I would not trade them for anything in the world.
The best to you and your family in the new year.

Lisa Cooney



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Hi Nadia, 

Just a short note to say hello and to wish you and
your family a Merry Christmas.  We are so happy with
our little donkeys we got from you.  They are all
precious and special, but our little girl, Angelea, is
the true little darling of the bunch.  My wife and I
love these little dear ones more than we thought
possible.  Thanks for letting us buy them from you. 

God bless you all. 

Monte Jones and Family


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I wanted to email you a picture of us, taken the next day after we had gotten home safely, Smile. My Taco (D'Angelo) is a Baby Doll !!! He is very loving, sweet, had been very well taken care of the 5 months that I was waiting for him. He is everything that I had wanted in a baby and more. I am in Love! Thank You Nadia for such a Fine little Jack!

Sherry from Tennessee

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Well, we're now nearly at the 3-month mark with our two lovely 'Little Friends' girls and we want to take a moment to express our thanks to you for the beautiful job you've done with them before they came to our new upstate NY farm and mini-donkey barn!
Cookie II and Windy Meadows are quite the attraction in the FingerLakes region.  They've been in the newspaper, and have had dozens and dozens of admirers stop to talk to them (and us).  Mom (Cookie II) appears to be pregnant and doing well; her foal, Windy Meadows is adorable and the sweetest thing on legs!  She 'talks' to the large Pekin ducks in the pen next to the barn and imitates them rather than her mother at this point.  It's SO cute!

Eileen from New York

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" We are so blessed to have Lora Lee."

"Loralee finally got here Wednesday about 4:00 PM.  The kids are in love with her.  She is so gentle and never seems to mind them brushing and petting her.  I am so amazed how different her temperament is from a horse. We are thrilled with Loralee.

Thanks for everything."

Beverly from Texas

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We have been so happy with our purchase of babies Patrick and Mahogany!  They are just the sweetest longears one could ask for!  They traveled from Kentucky to Maine in 30 hours and never once complained or even acted upset over the whole situation!  And the fine folks at Little Friends Ranch made this such a pleasant event!  Thank you so much, Nadia & Freddie!

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"I LOOOOOOVVVVEEEE my babies!!!!!!! They are the BEST- obviously
raised with love from the very beginning (thanks again).

Claudia from Maryland

Claudia wrote this wonderful letter for me to share:

After developing an interest in miniature donkeys I read everything I could get my hands on, visited many web pages and called countless breeders. My heart was captured by a picture of a baby donkey on the "Little Friend's Ranch" Web page. His name is Tequila and I immediately e-mailed an inquiry when he was just 10 days old.  I was instantly impressed by the compassion and knowledge of his breeder, Nadia. We
corresponded and Nadia answered many questions without delay. I went back to visit her web page often and soon, Tequila's half sister Angelina became available. I reserved both babies and Nadia sent me regular updates on their development as well as pictures. The anticipation was fun and knowing that the babies were in good hands was comforting. In the mean time, we built a fence and barn as Nadia continued to answer questions. When we arrived at Nadia's place to pick up the babies, again we were impressed. The babies had obviously been raised with love- they loved to be petted and were sweet as can be. Nadia's 18 month old daughter walked among the weanlings-they were completely loving and trustworthy. Nadia answered more questions as did her wonderful husband, Freddie. After we put the donkeys in the van they settled down immediately and began to eat hay. We bonded during the trip. I have never been so impressed with a breeder of any animal. Raising donkeys is obviously her passion and her calling. I would not hesitate to recommend her donkeys to anyone. Keep up the good work Nadia!  ,

Thanks again for your hospitality and the babies. They have far exceeded my expectations... and please thank Freddie again too, it was such a pleasure meeting you both (and your adorable kids).  

Sincerely, Claudia McElvaney, Maryland, Extremely happy donkey owner

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