2017 Foals

We are awaiting several foals in 2017 - out of Sundance as well as Nacho!!!!

If you would like to be added to our birth announcement list, please send us a short e-mail to let us know.

 littlefriend24@gmail.com or donkeys@littlefriendsranch.com

Some of the jennies awaiting foals in 2017 are:

Marillya, Mary, Samba, Sahara, Brazil, Serena, Sunny, Baby Doll bred to Sundance....


Nila, Kyacera, Andina, Kailua, Red Velvet, Fancy Pockets, Is-A-Bella, Vienna bred to Nacho....

Vienna bred to Nacho - Update: Vienna had been with Nacho for 9 months before she got bred. We had figured that she was barren. Not so.... She gave birth to a beautiful little brown boy on 23. January 2017. Pictures to be added soon.

Vienna's little boy is sold.


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