2016 Foals

Baby Doll (bred to Sundance)

 Update: Baby Doll had a beautiful spotted girl on 21. April 2016. Her name is Skye and she has her moma's friendly disposition. At just one

week of age she already talks to us when she sees us wanting attention. What a cutie she is!!! (Skye is sold)

First pic taken on first day - others at 5 days...

Nona bred to HA Sparky -

 Update: Nona gave birth to a cute little brown jack (bay pattern) "Nutoka" on May 12, 2016. He has such a cute small head and is well put together.

Nutoka is sold.

Patty bred to Gardner's Dusty Star

Update: Patty gave birth to the cutest little black jack (Pumpernickel) on Mother's Day -  May 08, 2016 - he sports some white hair on his forehead. (Pumpernickel is sold).

Piper bred to HA Sparky

Update: Piper gave birth to a tiny red jenny (Tahini) on 26. May 2016 (our son's birthday)- Since she is not related to our jacks we will likely keep her.

Harmony bred to LN Flaming Fox

Update: Harmony gave birth to a red jack (Tumaini - meaning "hope") on 06. June 2016 - Harmony was down for a whole hour after giving birth and the baby got up way before - she didn't have the chance to

bond with her baby and rejected him - we tried to work with her for several hours to no avail. As sad as it is, he is now a bottle baby and at 10 days he is doing well. We are planning on

introducing him to one of our older jennies when he is two weeks old and hope that she will take care of him. (Tumaini is sold).

Burindi bred to Nacho

Update: Burindi gave birth to the tiniest (18") little brown jack (bay pattern) (Ittiy Bitty) on 07. June 2016

Itty Bitty is sold


Update: Modesty gave birth to the tiniest little gray jack (18")  (Panini) on 11. June 2016 - he looks like a Teddy bear in person.

Panini is sold

 Madeira bred to Sundance - Update: Madeira gave  birth to a tiny little black jack (19") on 02. September 2016 - he is adorable with a tiny white star.

Madeira's "Little Black Jack" is sold

 Love Bug bred to Sundance - Update: Love Bug gave birth to a cute little brown jack on 15. September 2016.

Love Bug's little boy is sold

Jolie bred to Sundance - Update: Jolie gave birth to a little black jack (Black Friday) during the night of the 25. to 26. of November 2016. She was bred for December 25/26 so we didn't expect the birth at all - she also did not have any more of a milk bag than she did all summer! Yes, she had a bag for several months! (We are assuming that this little boy is an 11 months gestation baby since he still didn't have any front teeth coming in at 2 weeks of age!

Black Friday is sold

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