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Laughlin's Soballia

Date of Birth: 03. April 2000

34"  -  Dark Brown

Sire: Laughlin's Fireball

         32" Red/Brown

Dam: Druse's Sophia

         no height stated in papers but dam's sire was 33" and dam's mother was 32" 


Soballia has nice color and conformation with an impressive, full pedigree back to Coday and Danby Farms (401 known ancestors in the donkey tree). She is the mother of Red Ruby, (red -2003) that went to Germany in 2008. She is also the mother of Muna Lee (gray-dun 2004), Chocolate Kiss (black-brown 2005), Domingo (gray-dun 2007) and Cameroon (light-red 2008). Below are pictures of her foals in order. in order. Soballia was exposed in the fall of 2008 to Nacho Supreme. We are not certain at this time if she is bred since we seperated Nacho from his girls for the winter and Soballia was one of his first breeding attempts. If she is still open we can breed her back to the jack of your choice, anytime.

Soballia is only for sale because we have too many jennets at this time. We have kept several foals over the past few years and need to keep the numbers constant. She is a proven jennet and has had some very nice foals! The foals we know of have not reached her height.

Price: $1250 with her unconfirmed status - ($1400 bred to the jack of your choice if still open)

e-mail:  oder oder anrufen:  270-753-9270





Dalley Ho's Thelma

Date of Birth: Nov. 1998

35" - Dark Brown-Frosty Roan

Sire: untraced

Dam: untraced

Thelma came to us along with her jenny foal Stella all the way from Utah in 2004. Though the registry has Thelma listed as Dark Brown/Gray Dun/ Frosty Roan - there is no gray dun on this donkey. Thelma has a beautiful color with a red shine to her coat. I love the extensive roaning on her head and legs. She has had some very nice colored foals. Thelma is the mother of Stella red/brown (in our breeding program), Buon Giorno, dark spot (2005), Cookie Dough Blizzard, frosted spotted white (2007) and Basmati (rose-dun roan w. star - 2008) that is sold to Italy. Thelma will be weaning her baby some time in January 2009 and she can be purchased open or bred to the jack of your choice.


Price: $1250 open - $1400 bred to the jack of your choice

e-mail:  oder oder anrufen:  270-753-9270


S&M's Dottie

Dob: 17. Dec. 1999

33 1/2" - Brown/Gray-dun & White Spotted

Sire: Liar's Lake Irish Mist

         34" - Gray & White Spotted

Dam: Hopper's Janice

        32" - Brown 

Dottie is a dark brown and white spotted jennet. She is an easy going girl with a super sweet personality.  She is the mother of a beautiful darkspotted jack foal that has inherited her color named Domino (2005) that is a herd sire at Pinevalley Farm in Colorado. She is also the mother of an equally nice black jennet named Kyacera (2006) that will be included in our breeding program in 2009.  Dottie is also the mother of a beautiful dark spotted girl "Miss America" 2008.

Dottie came to us in early 2005 with a broken crest and her hooves were not in great shape. Her feet are in better shape now but her crest is still somewhat broken.

Price: $650 pet price - open - we do not like her being bred back

e-mail:  oder oder anrufen:  270-753-9270


Tri Lakes Exotics Hey Girl     

Date of Birth: 06. May 1998

Registered Height: 32 1/2" (she is taller - my guess is around 34")

Foal Coat Color: gray-dun

Sire:  Tri Lakes Exotics Flap Jack

         31" - Gray-dun

Dam: Tri Lakes Exotics Patty Cake

          32" - Gray-Dun

Hey Girl is a correct, nicely built, sweet jenny! She has a nice dark gray color and has a beautiful head. She foals easily and can be sold open or rebred. Her baby will be weaned in January 2009 - so she is available at that time.

Pictures taken with current baby.  Price: $1200 open ($1350 rebred to the jack of your choice).

e-mail:  oder oder anrufen:  270-753-9270







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