Mammoth Donkeys for Sale

This is one of the hardest things that we have had to do - offering these beautiful and sweet "Big Girls" for sale. We feel that it is not fair to them for us to hold on to them. They have so much potential and will make someone very happy! They are truly special girls!


 black - about 12 years  - 52 1/2 - 52 3/4" out of mammoth stock

Loretta came from Texas and is a one of a kind big girl! We purchased her for our daughter's 6th birthday and since I knew she was special I drove without any trip planning all the way to Texas just to bring her back home before someone else would get her.

Loretta is super sweet and always comes when she sees anyone coming. She loves attention and can stand with you for hours enjoying to be groomed, loved and petted on. She loves kids and doesn't have a mean bone in her body. 

Loretta rides and my little girl has ridden her without anyone having to lead her. Loretta also loves to follow other equines when trail riding. We have not had any time to ride in over two years - so Loretta may need some retraining. She is very willing!

She is a true gentle giant AND she is BEAUTFUL!!! She has to go to a loving home with another equine for companionship!

Price: $1000

These girls are best friends - we would take $1500 for both together so that they can have a permanent home together.










LEO Coquille

dark red/roan - 54 1/2"

DOB: 04. March 2003

Sire: LEO Dietz

          56" - red

Mother: LEO Serahphine

          59" dark red


Coquille came to us from Missouri. She is a super friendly giant! She loves human attention and always comes to anyone when she spots them. She was supposed to be my husband's future riding mount but we just don't have the time to ride. She has had a saddle on her a few times and doesn't object to any aspect of it. She doesn't care if anyone sits on her and while she doesn't know turn signals yet, she follows the other donkeys anywhere - regardless if it is in the pasture or out on the trails. Coquille does not have a mean bone in her body! She is a big girl and could have some beautiful babies!

Price: $1400


Chiquita (Oklahoma Fudge)                  - Sold -

approx. 54" - bay/brown/roan

DOB: 2000

Chiquita came from Oklahoma. Since I always was afraid to ride horses and LOVE donkeys - I would only ride a donkey. When I found Chiquita I knew she would be great for me! Chiquita is gaited and has had 30 days professional training in Oklahoma. Chiquita is heavy built but can keep up with any horse. She has a nice fast smooth gait and her trot is so easy on your back. 

Chiquita also has a beautiful color! She almost has dapples in her red/brown/roan coat.

Chiquita had at least 2 foals - one was born here in 2007.

Price: $1500




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